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Helpful Tips For Coping With Sciatica

When sciatic nerve pain acts up, the nerve itself becomes inflamed due to an injury—for instance, a slipped disc, pinched nerve, pressure due to pregnancy, or poor posture. Sciatica can be very debilitating, however, there are a few tricks that can help soothe sciatic nerve pain and decrease inflammation. 1. While it may seem counterintuitive, […]


What is exercise and what does it mean? Exercise is anything that gets you moving and active. It includes formal exercise such as a gym class, lifting weights or going for a jog. Exercise also occurs in everyday activities (known as incidental exercise) such as vacuuming, taking the stairs instead of the lift and walking […]

The Importance of Good Posture

The importance of good posture cannot be stressed enough in modern times. It extends far beyond our outward appearance and aesthetics. Your posture is an indication of muscle balance and mechanical efficiency. Michael at Manjimup Physiotherapy often sees cases where postural faults initiate a chain of events that results in incapacitating pain, time off work and […]

Exercise Headaches

  Exercise Headaches   Exercise headaches usually strike in younger people, from adolescence through age 50. This type of headache usually occurs with lengthy exercise sessions. The headache usually pops up at the height of exercise and the pain typically fades when the exercise stops. However, in certain cases the exercise induced headaches can last […]

Core Stability

The phrase “core stability” is one that gets thrown around a lot by trainers, athletes, therapists and doctors.  The average person probably knows that they need good core stability, but may not exactly understand why. We have all been told we need it and that it will prevent us from hurting our backs, pelvises and […]

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain usually falls into one of two categories: Nociceptive pain is caused by damage to body tissue and usually described as a sharp, aching, or throbbing pain. The damage may be due to an event such as an injury or surgery or an active disease process within the tissues. Neuropathic pain occurs when there […]

What is Massage?

What exactly are the benefits of receiving massage? Useful for all of the conditions listed below and more massage can: Alleviate pain and improve range of motion. Assist with shorter, easier labour for expectant mothers and shorten maternity hospital stays. Ease medication dependence. Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow—the body’s natural defence system. Help athletes […]

Physiotherapy and Pain Management

  Physiotherapy is practised by professionally trained physiotherapists who are skilled and educated specifically in proper care and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy involves treatment that focuses on prevention of injuries or disabilities, it helps to relieve pain, promote healing and restore function and movement. How is physiotherapy used to treat pain? Physiotherapists take a holistic appro...