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Joint pain & Arthritis

Arthritis is a major cause of disability and handicap in Australia affecting people of all ages and walks of life. Arthritis is not a single condition. Arthritis literally means inflammation of the joint. The most common types of arthritis are: (OA) Osteoarthritis (RA) Rheumatoid arthritis Fibromyalgia Lupus Septic arthritis (JIA) Juvenile idiopathic arthritis Gout, which […]


Are your first steps in the morning painful? Does prolonged standing cause painful feet or heels? Do you feel like you are walking on a bruise? Chances are you are suffering from PLANTAR FASCIITIS. Manjimup Physiotherapy is now using the latest in advanced technology in the form of a Radial Pulse Wave (RPW) machine to […]

Radial Pulse Wave Therapy (RPW)

Use of this cutting edge technology is proven to enhance and reset the healing pattern. The basic principles behind shockwave therapy are the high pressured acoustic shockwaves, which travel through the skin to stimulate pain relief and tissue repair. Benefits include: pain reduction, healing and restoration of muscle tone. RPW therapy is used to treat: […]


Whiplash is a non-medical term describing a range of head and neck injuries resulting from an acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transfer to the neck. These forces may result in painful injuries to the muscles, ligaments and joints of the neck and other spinal areas. However, sometimes they result in no injury or pain at all. […]


As a headache or migraine sufferer, you will know how painful and disruptive a severe headache or migraine attack can be. Medical experts now accept that some forms of head pain are caused by problems in the upper spine. Head pain may have many causes. Correctly identifying the cause will lead to better treatment. Michael […]

Holiday Season Injuries

With all the hype and demands surrounding the holiday season and Christmas time, it’s no surprise that thousands of people are injured every year. A little more patience and caution, could drastically reduce the chances of holiday-related injuries. The injuries that are surprisingly common: Back Injuries caused by Lifting; Falls; Sports Accidents; Road accidents. This […]


What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis as a disease is characterised by low bone mass and micro architectural deterioration of bone tissue, leading to increased bone fragility and a consequent increase in fracture risk. One in three women and one in twelve men over 50 years of age are affected. Bones with Osteoporosis fracture more easily than […]

Farmers & Injuries

Sitting on a tractor, day in, day out is a sure way to strain muscles and cause back pain. Farmers suffer from feet, knee, shoulder and a variety of back problems, caused by the repetitive physical work they must do to maintain their livelihood. Regular physiotherapy checks will help maintain and keep serious issues at […]

Mid-back Pain

Mid back pain is a kind of pain felt in the area below the neck and above the waist or lower back. The middle back is composed of 12 vertebrae which are part of the thoracic section of the spine. The middle back is naturally strong and stable, as it is connected to the rib […]

Ice & Heat Treatment

Ice is an effective and natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory. Ice should be applied over the inflamed area in the acute or early stages of the problem. Whenever swelling, redness or sharp / stabbing pain is experienced, it is generally considered best to apply ice. Repeat until symptoms ease – usually for 24 – 48 […]