posture-proAt Manjimup Physiotherapy we use the latest technology to assess and correct posture and to look at the implications of poor posture in regards to a specific injury or condition.

Posture Pro is a powerful posture analysis software tool designed to educate patients about correct posture.

The Posture Pro posture analysis system also provides important clinical information to your Physiotherapist about patient postural alignment and the physiological effects of poor posture.

Posture is the window to the spine…

Poor postural alignment indicates increased amounts of bio-mechanical strain on all of the spinal tissues and poor posture indicates poor spinal alignment and abnormal function.

Posture Pro Postural Analysis Software will allow your Physiotherapist to;

  • Perform objective and quantifiable analyses of postural alignment
  • Compare pre- and post examinations
  • Graph progress and change through time
  • Record and show key physical markers, such as forward head or pelvic tilt, neck or pelvic list, unlevel shoulders, pelvis and lower limbs, centre of gravity, cervical stress, total postural deviation and more – all in a completely objective manner
  • Educate you about the role of posture in health and spinal function

Posture Pro can also be used during functional movements to assess and correct poor lifting or sports techniques.

Ask us for more information about Posture Pro.