At Manjimup Physiotherapy, expert examination and treatment of running injuries is available.

Running is a very popular activity, for both the amateur and professional but injuries can be sustained by many factors. Excessive training can put too much load on the body, particularly with poor running technique. The terrain on which we run can be a factor, as well as the footwear we choose.

Common running injuries include:

  • favicon Stress fractures
  • favicon Runner’s Knee from over use
  • favicon Shin splint
  • favicon Achilles tendonitis
  • favicon Ankle sprain
  • favicon Plantar fasciitis
  • favicon Groin injuries
  • favicon Hip injuries
  • favicon Back injuries: discs, facet joints, sacroiliac joint, sciatica, pinched nerves
  • favicon Muscle strain – hamstrings, quadriceps, calf, groin

Physiotherapy is extremely effective in speeding up recovery from such injuries. Not only does it help to ease the pain and strengthen the injured area but it gets to the source of the problem to solve it rather than just masking the pain. A correct diagnosis and tailored treatment will get the runner back to full fitness and running. There are a wide variety of physiotherapy techniques and practices used to help running injuries, both as treatment and prevention.

How physiotherapy can treat running injuries:

  • favicon reviewing running style and technique
  • favicon addressing any biochemical abnormalities and footwear
  • favicon reviewing training regimes and recovery periods
  • favicon treating soft tissue injuries with trigger point therapy, joint manipulations, RPW therapy and dry needling.