Mid back pain is a kind of pain felt in the area below the neck and above the waist or lower back. The middle back is composed of 12 vertebrae which are part of the thoracic section of the spine. The middle back is naturally strong and stable, as it is connected to the rib cage. The elastic cartilages which are found between each bone serve as shock absorbers and there are also muscles and tendons that provide stability to the back.

There are many different problems which can trigger mid back pain. Causes of pain in the middle back include:
* Poor posture
* Emotional stress
* Improper lifting
* Accidental trauma
* Tightening of the diaphragm
* Standing for hours
* Sleeping uncomfortably
* Aging
* Poor intake of sugar and carbohydrates
* Muscle strains
* Overexertion
Mike Christofis will take a thorough history and provide a physical exam. After the assessment, he will develop a plan to correct the underlying problems. These will be explained to the patient and then gentle adjustments to the specific areas of malfunction will be applied.
Conservative treatments Physiotherapists may use are:
Mobilisation and manipulation to help relieve pain and improve function.
Massage to help reduce muscle tension and pain and improve blood flow.
Dry needling/Acupuncture mobilisation and manipulation promotes healing and pain relief.
Electrotherapy such as ultrasound, laser, interferential, TENS
Hot and cold packs to reduce pain and stiffness.
Patient education on correct posture, chair and workplace ergonomics.
Exercise prescription to stretch and strengthen the muscles of your back, shoulders, and stomach to help increase your flexibility, strength, and balance. Mike Christofis may teach you an exercise program so you can do it at home.